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Plan B after your Plan B (Pt. 2)

Having strengthened your ties and standing within the local community, you have ensured the long term endurance of your community, however that is only the tactile part of securing your bases. There is the "other part" of this Plan-b that also demands a discussion in ensuring your financial stability should cases of hardship arise. These cases of hardship don't necessarily pertain to developing a variety of options of generating funds for the benefit of the community. The need to have a plan-b is more in line with insurance should events unfold on a local, communal, provincial and national scale.

When unrest breaks out, when nations turn to inward factions or when laws are changed that might not necessarily be advantagous to your community, this is when your plan-b is crucial. You might find yourself in a predicament where some local communal unrest breaks out which potentially leads to the loss of one of your income sources or the destruction of your harvest. Alternatively a communal change that has been decided upon at a municipal level could mean that you are no longer in a position to provide one of your main cash makers.

These minor changes could and often occur as a slowly evolving process and then, as quick as a match-spark, can instantly change overnight and where you once had a convenient means of generating funds for your community, you instantly find yourself bereft of that cash stream.

It is this very uncertain and foreboding reason that you as a community need to carefully have a few back up plans in order to ensure the longevity and stability of the community.

In today's day and age, the sources for a plan-b are wide and varied - anything from investing in a foreign currency or crypto to buying land or stocks in another part of the world. The security of your community and the generations to come, depend solely on the wisdon of the members to sit down and hash out potential options that could be your life saver when least expected.

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