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Spin-offs - low cost but high yield alternatives

Not everyone has the luxury of sweeping parcels of land or perhaps they can not do many things due to mobility, age or cash. So today we are posting you FIVE potential money makers that demand little to no effort. Cost almost nothing to set up and best of all - they can rake in a nice thick wad of cash. (you can even do it in your "closet under the staircase").

1 - Mushroom farming. - with little effort, anybody can fill up a bag of moist wood chips, blended with mushroom spores and hang these bags in a damp, dark closet and within 30 to 45 days depending on the variety and also the season, you can harvest mushrooms. If you plan to do such endeavour, your best clients will be to target restaurants and herbal remedy stores or simply to add them to your basket of items on sale at your market garden stall or include them as part of your CSA basket.

As a visual inspiration I refer you to one of the most successful mushroom farmer in California. They have very informative videos on youtube and their website is also helpful

2 - Microgreens farming - Have a spare room free or even a closet, this very lucrative from of farming can bump up your cash intake by a couple of hundred dollars every 6 days. Microgreen or sprout harvesting has become a hot item especially when you can provide organically spray free crops to all the local urban juice bars and health centers. Organic stores also highly prize such a commodity as it is a definite food magnet for health and fitness freaks and also vegan afficionados. In Korea there are traditionasl healers working side by side with microgreen farmers to aide cancer patients and people with very low immune systems.

The initial setup does put you back financially, however you quickly regain that first investment by your third harvest ( 3 to 4 weeks).

Epic Gardening is a brilliant youtuber who takes you step-bu-step through the process and shows how you can generate good money fast.

3 - Home made soap as a cottage industry, if done properly and simplistically could generate a fantastic income with very little equipment. Your best advantage to soap making is time - you mix, pour and wait. Soap making is a good money maker as you can start off simply by sharing with friends even before you decide to create a website or advertise on social media. The simpler the soap and more organic and healthy - the better the quality of product and higher chances of selling off your soap batches quickly. Keep in mind however cold pressed soap which is allowed to set and mature does NOT require any licensing from your local health department unlike all these modern liquid soaps. The amount of people advertising how to make soaps on yotube is staggering however, the most precise youtuber offering the speediest and most basic form of soap making is - Three little goats homestead.

4 - Vermiculture farming - also known as worm farming is another lucrativemoney maker. Today every organic gardener is in search of a good worm provider to enrich their market garden plot. Oddly enough the other side line money making gig is to provide bait for fishermen and also on a mini scale to create worm farms for school classes, however the big cash crop is definitely by providing a service of worms to organic farmers. Everything pertaining vermiculture has potential to generate cash - worms, compost and worm tea are all items you could easily generate with little effort and you could have your little business set up within 2 hours. This particular endevour however, will demand a more outdoors form of production - as the smell could be a little off putting if it is indoors.

Cameron Little of Sustainability Systems & Services offers a fantastic step-by-step course and has great sources of reading online

5 - Candle making business. Whereas soap making might demand a degree of scientific aptitude and there are safety demands that might prevent you from working with Lye - the main ingredient of soap. Candle making is a wonderful way to make money and can also involve the whole family. Once again the options and styles of candle making are simply endless online, however Australian youtuber Sheri Vegas has a fantastic beginners how-to video. Candles are amazing to make good money. Using a variety of oils, scents and colors you can generate beautiful, luxurious candles that make good money with minimum work.

Money making is only a mixing bowl or blender away. If you take the time to read about these ventures and with a minimal investment of cash - you might very well find a means to keep your family afloat during hard financial times without needing to blow the bank.


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