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How did we get here?

If you have stumbled upon this page in the webiverse, this probably isn't by coincidence. You have found yourself sitting somewhere, staring out into the empty space in front of you and wondering a whole lot of questions.

* If we've been told that technology has advanced, then why are the products not getting cheaper?

* How come productivity has increased and yet we find ourselves earning less?

* Why is it that everything we buy is cheaper and howcome I am unable to save?

These fundamental first thought questions should be sounding alarm bells that you identify with and therefore they also mean that you have been searching to find some answers that ring true to your soul.

Welcome to Rejuvineering. Here, we try to extrapolate what has gone wrong with so many things in the world and also brainstorm together as a community various methods, solutions and new formulas that could potentially benefit us all.

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